I have been thinking about optimism and its role in startups and life - feels like this trait or skill, whatever it might be, is becoming increasingly important as life is filled with negativity about the future and chaos.

Chaos from social media, chaos from devices, chaos from politics, people have become jaded and confused and scared. These social media platforms are driving everyone crazy and what are we getting from it? Are we getting happiness? No. that’s pretty obvious. Are we getting fame? sometimes, but is fame good? All signs point to no.

So society has shifted from creating and making and contribution to “look at me, look at me” with a contribution of wanting to be liked and looked at. It isn’t all bad though, i do think there’s a ton of creativity happening across platforms like tiktok. But i wish we could rewire the reasons, the intent, behind the creativity. And a lot of the stuff on tiktok is optimistic.

But if were optimistic, we’re more able to push through the chaos of the day and realize that there’s a bright incredible future out there for humanity where we’re traveling to the stars and living happily with content, no poverty or hunger. Living in peace. Regardless of how achievable this vision of the future is, we should be optimistic that it IS achievable because 1. makes life better 2. have a better chance of actually making it happen